Polycarbonate, Fiberglass and Aluminum Enclosures to meet NEMA
12, 4, 4X and 6P for housing Electrical and Electronic Controls and
Instrumentation. Custom Designs and Factory Modifications.
Fiberglass Reinforced Epoxy and Phenolic Conduit, Cable Tray,
Channel Systems, Strut and Fittings for the Electrical and Mechanical
Markets.  UL and CSA listed for above and below ground applications
Dry-type, Industrial Control and Power Transformers. Product line
includes residential and industrial Ignition, Drive Isolation, and CE
Marked Transformers.
Technical Factory Representation in California & Northern Nevada Since 1979
Forced Air and Infrared Electric Heat, Process Heat, Hazardous Location
Heaters, Industrial Fans and Ventilation Equipment, Thermostats/Controls,
Portable Work Lights & Dock Lights.  Including the Raywall, Markel and
Fostoria Brands.
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Grounding and Bonding Electrical Connectors for Substation,
Underground, Power Distribution, Service Entrance, Reducing,
Compression Applications

Wireless Digital/Analog, Spread Spectrum, Frequency Hopping 900
MHz Telemetry Systems, Repeaters, Dialers, Handheld Transmitters

Industrial Molded Cordsets and Connectors, Metallic and non-metallic
Wire-Mesh Cord Grips, Conduit Hubs, Liquid-Tight Flex-Conduit
Connectors, MC Cable Connectors, Distribution Boxe
Low and Medium Voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitor Bank
Solutions; Static, Automatic and Thyristor-Switched Custom Harmonics
Mitigation Equipment
Intelligent, fully-integrated, wirelessly networked, software controlled
LED Lighting for High Bay and Linear applications. Stand-alone
lighting control solutions. Lightrules energy management platform
Snow Melting Mats & Cables, Heating Cables for Pipe Tracing, Roof
and Gutter de-icing, Edge Cutter Roof Melting Plates, Floor Heating
Non-Metallic, UV Stabilized, Auto-Locking and Self-Locking Pipe
Hanger and Conduit Supports for 3/8 through 4.25-inch dia
Telecom and Structured Cables, Plumbing Pipe, PVC, CPVC, PEX,
SS and other Specialty Piping Systems